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Wonks and War Rooms

Où la théorie de la communication politique rencontre la stratégie sur le terrain.


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Welcome to the Show!

If you have landed on this page, it's likely because you have agreed to be a guest on the Wonks and War Rooms Podcast with host Dr. Elizabeth Dubois. We are so excited to have you on the show and look forward to our chat!

The content below provides you with basic information about how the episode recording will work and offers some tips for a successful discussion. If you have any additional questions, please email

On this page:  Episode run down  |  Tips for Success  |  Technical requirements  |  Accommodating your Needs  |  Listen to our most recent episodes

Episode run down

Here is the order of events for the recording of each episode:

  1. When you join the Zoom call, we will start with a brief soundcheck.

  2. Elizabeth will start the recording when you are both ready.

    • She will record audio on a separate device but also records on Zoom as a backup. The video recording will not be used

  3. Elizabeth will ask you to introduce yourself (she records her intro and outro separately).

    • Please state your name, current job title (if applicable), and relevant previous experience.

    • If you would like, please also feel free to share aspects of your identity such as your pronouns, belonging to a radicalized or marginalized group, and/or land acknowledgement relative to your current location.

  4. Next, Elizabeth will present the topic of the episode. This usually involves a brief explanation of a communication theory.

    • She will then ask you if this explanation makes sense to you and for your input on the topic.

  5. The two of you will then continue to chat about the topic for 25 minutes or so. Elizabeth will have some questions ready to stimulate conversation. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, even if they do not align with the theory or idea being discussed.

  6. Elizabeth will then end the recording, after which you both can debrief and say goodbyes.

Note: We do light editing after so if you need to pause, restate something, or if there is noise in the background we can pause and restart as needed.

Episode run down

Tips for success

  • Make sure your Zoom client is up-to-date.

  • Silence all phone and/or computer notification sounds. Close doors and windows, turn off fans, and reduce other background noises.

  • Have something to drink nearby.

  • Make sure the device you are using is plugged in or fully charged.

  • Close all unnecessary apps on your device.

  • Let others around you know that you’ll be recording and should not be disturbed.

  • Minimize the use of crutch words and phrases such as “like”, “um”, “you know”, etc.

  • Speak slowly and clearly.

  • Relax and have fun! Mistakes, long hesitations, and noises from children and pets  can always be edited out.

Tips for succes

Technical requirements

Details on the technology you will need to participate in the interview. This list also appears in the follow-up email you received from Elizabeth confirming your interview details.

  • Headphones: The use of headphones/earphones is strongly preferred because they reduce feedback and block out remaining environmental noises. A high-quality microphone is not necessary (though if you have one, please use it!). 

  • A quiet room: Find a quiet room and make it as quiet as possible. Close doors and windows, turn off fans, and reduce other background noises.

  • Internet: A wired internet connection is strongly preferred rather than WiFi.

  • Zoom: Please make sure your Zoom client is up-to-date.

Tech requirements

Accommodating your needs

We want this to be a comfortable and respectful experience for everyone involved. If you face barriers to participating as a guest on the show, need assistance, or have special needs or obligations that require accommodation, please let us know.

Some examples of what this might look like:

  • You have children or dependants at home and will need to take breaks during recording to tend to them.

  • You must break fast at a certain time of day and so will not be available for recording at that time.

  • You would feel more comfortable if a friend of yours, or neutral third party, was also present during the interview for silent support.

  • Zoom is not an application that works for your needs.

  • You are struggling to find a quiet environment from which to take the interview.

As a project of Pol Comm Tech Lab, Wonk and War Rooms is committed to building a safe and inclusive environment. Read more about our commitments to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Accommodating your needs
Listen to recent episodes

Listen to our most recent episodes

The Pol Comm Tech Lab is supported by the University Research Chair in Politics, Communication and Technology at the University of Ottawa.

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